M litter

Marcmiaow*LT family was joined by 4 playful sacred birman kittens – three male and one female!

M vada

L litter

3 sacred birman boys have born in litter L!

L litter

K litter

Three adorable selkirk rex kittens have joined MarcMiaow*LT family! We present you two female kittens Karmen and Kenzo as well as a male kitten named King.

Parents: ECH Cindy MarcMiaow*LT and GIC Curly Orlando from Sham.

Karmen, Kenzo ir King

Karmen, Kenzo ir King

J litter

A selkirk rex female curly longhair kitten has born in MarcMiaow*LT.

Parents: ECH Cindy MarcMiaow*LT and GIC Curly Orlando from Sham.


MarcMiaow*LT has a new inhabitant

We present you a new Sacred birman male cat – Umberto vom Blutengarten*A.Bert

I litter has born!

On 2nd of August I litter kittens were born.

Parents: WCH Highlandkatz Lemon Twist and CH Jacobis Marie.

I vada



A new MarcMiaow*LT inhabitant

Incredibly intelligent and smart Sacred Birman female kitten LV* MARIKOTA FLEUR DE L’AMOUR joined the ranks of our fluffy furs.


Highlandkatz Lemon Twist is a new World Champion!


Currently we have no kittens available

Hilfiger and Hermes from the H litter have gone to their new families.

New MarcMiaow*LT inhabitants

We would like to present you our new MarcMiaow*LT inhabitants – Highlandkatz Lemon Twist (Selkirk rex male, colour – cream(silver)) and Jacobis Marie (Selkirk rex female, colour – red silver shaded point)

Lemon Twist:

lemon-lemon (1)

Jacobis Marie:

Marie (1)